Children’s novel (snippet)

The Wasdale Valley in Cumbria is a centre of strange sightings. The media always play them down as nonsense, and witnesses are ridiculed and described as lunatics. But a passerby witnesses something, and with news coverage, it is only a matter of time before the tourists arrive in their drones.

12 year old Timothy and Chester live in Gosforth. Both lovers of the outdoor and natural world, they are also bright students. Timothy loves rocks and minerals and Chester is on a mission to re-discover an extinct British butterfly. But along the way, Thea, who studies the ancient crosses of Cumbria unravels a strange icon that kick-starts their adventure.

One evening, Timothy has a row with his parents, one he feels is beyond repair. He manages to persuade Chester to go with him to the Wast Water where the passerby witnessed the sighting. Thea joins in with their pointless pursuits, but even her curiosity grows. But something happens and they manage to witness a sighting for themselves. But Timothy’s awe and inquisitive behaviour leads his friends into trouble, uncovering conspiracies and an ancient organisation that spans back to the Vikings. They are catapulted into a world of science and nature as the true meaning of Mother Nature is revealed to them right before their eyes.

It is up to Timothy to help the ‘Enchantids’ fight back and regain their place, and to restore earth’s natural cycle before it is too late.

A thought-provoking novel packed with a mixture of fun, fact, fiction delivered with pace and excitement.

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