The Grimoire: Book Cover


Well here is it! The book cover to my children’s fantasy novel, The Grimoire. The whole journey has been a great experience and an eye opener. I can’t thank enough the skilled vision and artistry of Brian Allen of Flyland Designs ( I strongly recommend him – a true professional.

From the inception of the design I picked a few scenes from the book, but nothing worked better than getting some of the characters on the front cover. It just seemed right. The Grimoire acts nicely as a background which adds a ‘book-ish’ feel to the concept and design and blends nicely with the characters. Obviously there is much more to the characterisation which you will find by reading the book, but I just had to include Fizbar, the protagonist. On the cover he is at the front at the ready with his magic spoon. Ex teacher and wizard Gildor in his red tartan suit stands behind readying with his wizarding stance. Hetty holds a plant symbolising her affinity towards nature as she’s an herbalist; she also becomes Fizbar’s close friend.

The cover is vivid which gives it life and mimics the energy and pace of the novel (I hope the readers will agree). Again, I’m over the moon at how this has materialised and I hope to have the eBook available ready to download end of spring or the beginning of summer. It could even come sooner!

Note: Yesterday I was told that I had achieved my Master’s degree in Professional Writing. With a great sigh of relief I now turn my full attention to writing, as well seriously thinking about that PhD…

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