Natural History

Natural history is, and will always be, close to my heart. In the UK I was involved in natural history in all it’s branches, but I was also drawn to the microhabitat; turning over stones, rocks and other debris in hope of finding something spectacular.

I love sticking my head where it's often not wanted.

I love sticking my head where it’s often not wanted.

I am developing my natural history photography and as a biologist, I try and combine my skills. I took a basic photography course at the Gibraltar Photographic Society, and I’m always looking to advance my photographic knowledge. I have recently invested in a Nikon D800 and some lenses and will continue to save up for those much needed telephotos!
Photographing the wilderness aids learning, and helps by capturing precious moments which are otherwise forgotten. It is an art… just like nature writing.

Although a writer of fiction, I am also a naturalist at heart, and my interests in nature are wide and diverse as nature itself. I am also a specialist, as I have researched in the area of carcinology, terrestrial isopods (woodlice). Sadly, a lot of my time is used for my fiction projects, and natural history photography. I do try and get out into the field as much as possible.

I have been a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society (FRES), and an overseas representative (2011-2012) of The Society for the History of Natural History. I am currently a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London (FLS, 1999 – present). I am also a member of the Society of Biology (MSB) and currently on their CPD programme towards Chartered Biologist (CBiol) status.

Sir David Attenborough and me at the Royal College of Medicine Lecture

Sir David Attenborough and yours truly at the Royal College of Medicine Lecture

I have also had the pleasure of a brief meeting with the humble, inspirational and great naturalist Sir David Attenborough at his Wallace lecture. I’ll never forget that!

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